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   1. Earth Conscious
"Earth Conscious", a brand of organic cotton clothing, is created by using 100% certified organic cotton and ecofriendly / natural dyes.

Each article is made with reference to small details. For instance, organic cotton dresses require a fair amount of "understanding" on the part of the users. The fabric is characterized by uneven weaving. Plus, there are limitations on production and application of natural dyes in creation of 100% organic dresses. And, in most cases bright colors are not possible.
   2. Foods
Constant search for healthy products is a problem that you face most of the times. Now relax and have a smile on your face, because we present you the daily consumption products with no pesticides, and of course, with high levels of nutrients.

We provide you with cereals, pulses, oil seeds, spices, fruits and vegetables - all organic. Now you can surely boast to your friends about the special care you take for the health of your family as living organic is living healthy.
   3. Processed Foods
Ecofarms (India) Ltd. has a large basket of processed foods in convenient packs. And in case, you belong to the snacking club, there's good news for you too. You can choose from a wide variety of our ready-to-eat preparations.

What's more, even though this range uses only health-enhancing ingredients, e.g. millets, soybean, popped grains, flakes, cold-pressed oils, un-refined sugar and the like, you can enjoy low-calorie food without losing out on the taster aspect of high calorie ones.

We also understand that ethnic flavours and regional preferences make snacking more satisfying. We are therefore, working with our international partners to develop snack foods for specific regions and even, age groups too.
   4. Medicinal Plants & Aromatic Herbs
What is better then to use the ayurvedic medicines without any pesticides that harm your health? Please go for medicinal plants and aromatic herbs for sustainable living and better health care.
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