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Each of our products is the careful result of a strict 'no chemicals, purely organic' policy; hence it comes with higher nutrient levels and richer natural tastes.

Health Benefits of our Products

   1. Higher nutrient levels.
Conventional crops may look more lush and juicy, but studies reveal that this is mostly due to artificial fertilization that fills them with water. Not only that, pre-ripened picking, longer storage and more processing associated with conventional farming destroy a lot of their nutrient value too.
On the other hand, the EcoFarms 'No artificial fertilization' and 'No chemical pesticide' policies ensure that you get bigger doses of natural trace minerals and vitamin C from our products.

Plus, phyto-nutrients, many of which are antioxidants involved in the plant's own defense system, are higher in our products because our crops rely more on their own defenses in the absence of regular applications of chemical pesticides
   2. Lower pesticide residues.
The chemicals used in conventional farming cause pesticide residues to remain in the produce and when we consume them, they find their way into our systems. While, each one by itself may not cause much harm, together, over the years they may lead to serious health disorders. Israeli researchers have linked symptoms such as headaches, tremor, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, poor memory, dermatitis, convulsions, nausea, indigestion and diarrhoea with dietary intakes of pesticides. Belgian research has found that women diagnosed with breast cancer are six to nine times more likely to have the pesticides DDT or hexachlorobenzene in their bloodstreams compared to women who did not have breast cancer.

So when you choose an EcoFarms product, you are actually stopping pesticides from entering your body and damaging your system.
   3. Protection for your child.
It is easy to understand that your child's developing organs, brains, detoxification and immune systems, are more susceptible to toxins than yours.

In fact, Elizabeth Gillette's landmark 1998 paper in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives did compare children in two nearby isolated villages in Mexico, one in which pesticides were routinely used in their farming, and one in which they were not. Everything else was the same between these two villages. The study found significant differences between the two groups in both mental and motor abilities (with the children who were exposed to pesticides scoring at a much lower level), as well as an increase in aggressive behavior.

So, our products are a healthier growth alternative for your child since they do not depend on fertilizers and chemicals for growth.
   4. Better health systems.
An early observational study revealed that boarding-school students eating predominantly organically for three years graphic of man running through field of vegetables experienced a "very marked decline" in colds and influenza, more rapid convalescence, excellent health generally, fewer sports injuries, a greater resilience to fractures and sprains, clear and healthy skin, and improved dental health.

Ecofarms (India) Ltd. products are pure organic products in every sense of the term. It brings you all the benefits that we have just listed, everyday of your life.

In all, our products are a simple way of reducing your toxin burden of pesticides and food additives, increase your nutrient intake, and perhaps steer your eating patterns away from less healthy choices.

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