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17 - 20 Feb 2010, Germany
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  To nurture a greener earth where we eat healthy, live healthy and where those who till the soil can sustain a comfortable lifestyle.
To remain a dominant player in environmental-friendly practices for fair and sustainable living.

At EcoFarms (India) Ltd., we believe most of the rural poverty is due to lack of knowledge and guidance amongst the farmers. Over use of pesticides and agro-chemicals have lead to low quality produce and crop failures.

Hence, the company mantra for survival - "Back to nature. On with Organic Farming." Today, farmers collectively tilling under our umbrella have more than just risen above the poverty line. They reap the benefits of state-of-the-art modern infrastructure and a high-impact and low cost organic model that have a positive effect on the whole agricultural chain - seed to harvest to prices to market to money in the bank.
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